Here’s a buttload of new leaked Pokémon Black & White art by Ken Sugimori.

First up is the as-of-yet unnamed bug type Pokémon who also happens to be the motherfuckin’ shit. Then there’s the stork-looking swan Pokémon who’s name also hasn’t been revealed yet. And finally there’s the Bambi-ass mofo currently known by it’s Japanese name, Shikijika.

We also have some new details about Victini (previously mentioned here). He’s a Psycich/Fire type and has a new ability called Victory Star. No clue what it does, but he has it, so yeah. And for those who care, he’s 0.4m tall and weighs 4.0kg.

Then there’s some additional images of characters drawn by Ken Sugimori. There’s Aloe, who just might be the first relevant black character in the Pokémon games ever, Dento who will be featured in the upcoming Pokémon Best Wishes anime series based on the upcoming games, and, lastly, we have an image of Team Plasma, the new evil team. I’m guess these are just grunts in the picture. Very Monty Pythonish, no?

Blam. New Pokémon stuff that came out hours ago (hours = days in internet time), but I was too busy playing Pokemon all day to post it, so blah.

*Update: Just noticed the swan has boobs. Carry on.

[Via Pokébeach]