Metroid: Other M is gonna be huge.

It’s basically so large that Team Ninja would probably prefer “bigger than the big disc” at this point.

While Wii games typically come on normal sized 4.7 GB discs -and don’t usually fill the disc, as our Wii-Game-Backer-Uppers will tell us – there are a few special cases that need the extra 4 or so gigs held on the dual-layer discs. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mariokart Wii are a couple of examples of “big disc” games.

Even after switching over to increase space, the development team still didn’t have enough room. They started cutting corners. Literally – seconds were shaved off of cutscenes to make space.

So, in short: looks like we’re going to play a pretty big game.

I can hardly wait. 

[Via Nine-Inch-Sandwich via Siliconera]

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