If The Band KISS Had An Atari Game.

This custom Atari cartridge by Jeff DeSantis was supposed to be part of a custom cartridge show at Game Core Con, but due to his hectic schedule, he couldn’t get it done in time, so we figured we may as well show it off here.

From the artist:

Seriously, KISS whored out their name to anything, why not a video game? I decided to make the universe right again by making a KISS video game cartridge. I illustrated an Atari looking KISS logo and portrait of Gene Simmons, then glued it to the cartridge. I also thought if KISS did have a game, it may as well be silver (kinda like Legend of Zelda was gold). The screen image was re-drawn based on the Journey game (which for some reason exists).

And here’s a better pic of the sticker design:

Somebody needs to hurry up and make this game a reality.