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Samus Aran Makes A Cameo In Dead Or Alive Dimensions.

This seems like just a teaser, but Team Ninja (who also did Metroid: Other M) won’t confirm whether or not Samus will be a playable character in the new Dead Or Alive game for 3DS.

Since the DoA series is known for scantily clad sexy ladies and jiggling, don’t think a playable version of Samus in her Zero Suit is too far out of the question. After all, when DoA 4 hit the 360 they made Nicole-458, a female Spartan from the Halo universe.

A T&A fighter in 3D with the possibility of playing as freaking Samus Aran? Just one more reason for me to hurry up and find a job so I can afford a 3DS on day one.

[Via Kotaku]