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blindboxed #13: Bacon Mad*L Review.

Good news: blindboxed is back!

Bad news: This episode is terrible. Sorry.

A few things went wrong with this one, mainly Sony Vegas stopped running on my laptop, so I had to use a super outdated version of iMovie HD to edit this, so that’s why there’s no clever, colorfull 8-bit words popping up everywhere as per usual.

You may have noticed that the format is a bit different this time around. Instead of doing silly on-location spots with 2 reviews, the show is now just me doing one review. It’s just way easier to shoot and edit this way, which gives me time to update Albotas with fresh news.

I’m going to try and do these each week and maybe start doing giveaways again. Rate, subscribe, and comment. The comments are important because it lets me know what you guys want out of the show/what you hate/etc.

Oh, and ask me stuff! Use our Ask feature and I’ll try to answer any toy related questions on the next episode.

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