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Capcom and Slant 6 Games are bringing squad-based shooter action to the Resident Evil series this winter and it looks pretty damn awesome. The game takes place during Resident Evil 2 & 3 and you play as an Umbrella Security Service team sent to contain the virus and kill Leon Kennedy. There’s also a competitive mode where Umbrella’s team can face off against US Special Ops… all while being chased by zombies!

In most online shooters, it’s all about headshots or at least downing the enemy as soon as possible. In RE: ORC, you can still do that, but if your opponent survives the shot, zombies and other monsters will smell the blood and hunt their asses down.

This sounds pretty dope and Stephen Totilo has a sweet writeup on Kotaku on some time he spent with an early build of the game.

Let’s hope this is more than just a gimmicky concept. It’ll be nice to get away from the weird (but fun) direction the newer games are headed and back into Raccoon City to kill some fuckin’ zombies!

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