E3 2011 has come and gone, but I’ve still got some questions burning in my mind. A few games I was expecting to see revealed never showed up. And Nintendo’s Wii U reveal was super vague. The usual satisfied feeling we get once E3 is over for the year has been replaced with the feeling of a joke without a punchline. Hit the jump to see what’s got me scratching my head.

Ni no Kuni. Where Is It?

I need this Level-5 / Studio Ghibli game like Ponyo needs ham. Last year, Nintendo Power confirmed that the game would come out in North America, so you’d think we’d at least have seen a teaser trailer or something. E3 is over and the game hasn’t even officially been announced yet in either its DS or PS3 form. I’m getting worried.

Wii U. Where’s the DS Support?

The SNES had the Super Game Boy and the Gamecube had the Game Boy Player. I always figured there wouldn’t be any console support for DS software since it would need a touchscreen. Well now we’ve got a touchscreen. So I’m pretty surprised that A. Nintendo didn’t announce DS software support and B. no mystery ports were found on the Wii U hardware. It seems like a no brainer to me. Sure, not all games would work (eg: Contra 4), but I think most people would see the capability as a selling point.


Wii U. Where’s the Info?

What hardware, exactly, is in this thing? What are some first party games made for it? How much will it cost? Will it have controller-only games to steal marketshare away from the iPad? Nintendo’s announcement of the Wii U felt like when the film lights on fire at the movie theater and some lady comes in, apologizes, and gives you a refund.

Phantasy Star Online 2. Where Are the Details?

The surprise announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2 was way back in September. So far, all we’ve got are some screens and a video or two. I want some details. Clearly the game is more action-based than the “mash the A button” gameplay of the original PSO. How does the combat work? What other changes have there been? Is there going to be a monthly fee? Am I going to have to upgrade my PC? For a game that’s supposed to come out in 2011, you’d think Sega would have had this front and center at their booth.

Project S. What Is It?

There have been reports of Project S going back to at least 2007. So what the hell is this Kojima / Suda51 game? Is it really a Snatcher remake like we’ve all bee hoping? Is it the cancelled project that Kojima was recently complaining about? If we don’t find out soon, I might have to break my $100 price limit on games and finally buy a copy of Snatcher for Sega CD.

Tetsuya Nomura. WTF?

Eff the haters. Final Fantasy is an awesome series. But why is a sequel for FF XIII coming out before Versus XIII, the action-based game by Tetsuya Nomura that was announced years and years ago? XIII-2 will probably be released before we get to see any more gameplay footage beyond the handful of clips we’ve seen so far.

And what about Nomura’s other series, Kingdom Hearts? We’ve been drowning in spin-offs (which just dilute the series, in my opinion). Can we please have the real deal now? With Nomura working on Versus XIII, KH3 hasn’t even been started. The main line of Kingdom Hearts looks like it’s going to skip an entire generation of hardware.

Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Does It Exist?

Episode 1 came out in 2006. Episode 2 came out in 2007. You’d think Episode 3 would come out in 2008. Maybe you’d give the developers a break and shoot for 2009. When it’s 2011 and you haven’t heard a thing, you start to wonder if Valve plans to ever resurrect the Half-Life series. With new IPs and sequels to those IPs having been released since the last installment of Half-Life, I’m thinking we might get the Black Mesa total conversion mod way before we see a return of the gravity gun. Does it really take 4-plus years to make a game that’s only supposed to last a handful of hours?

Answers. Will they Be at TGS?

Hopefully we’ll get a few answers to out questions at the Tokyo Game Show in September. We’ve got Child of Eden and El Shaddai, as well as a ton of speculating, to keep us busy until then.