Last Tuesday saw the release of a PlayStation Network game titled Alien Zombie Megadeath, developed by Pom Pom Games. Honestly, the title alone initially made me want to check the game out, but to much surprise, the downloadable title was much more than just a decent play.

AWESOME: Great old-school gaming feeling similar to Jetpac, 70 levels, loads of shooting and collecting to do, baby rescues!

NOT AWESOME: Terrible co-op, a little too high of a price ($7.99) for what’s being offered.

Hit the jump for my full review of this intense old-school style 2D shoot ‘em up.

I’m a huge fan of old-school gaming, as well as shooters and arcade-type games, so naturally I loved Alien Zombie Megadeath. You play the role of an astronaut who must complete certain tasks on about 70 different levels, which include diffusing bombs, rescuing babies from alien zombies, and killing a shit load of baddies.

Using either the right analog stick on the PS3 controller or the square/circle buttons, you can control the astronaut’s direction of shooting either left or right. You jump from platform to platform to dodge enemies and oncoming metiorites/bullets while also collecting multiple power-ups and different weapons to use in the game.

Naturally, progressing in the game also means the difficulty will get harder and harder and levels become somewhat of a challenge after a while, which is just a huge breath of fresh air for those gamers out there tired of easy gaming and regenerating health. The game’s graphics aren’t all that great, but it surely doesn’t matter with the amount of addicting gameplay there is to clamp to.

Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t get any better with co-op mode, which I had hoped to be a fantastic addition. The co-op mode involves two players sharing the same health bar, so if both of you collectively get hit at least three times, it’s game over. The co-op mode is also only an endurance level, so there’s no actual mission or objective aside from aimless shooting, which wouldn’t be annoying had there have been more opportunity for gaining more health bars.

A huge negative of the game is its price of $7.99. Honestly, $4.99 would have been absolutely perfect for this game as a quick and casual pick-up-and-play shooter. The game does offer a large variety of shoot ‘em up missions and objectives, and there are 70 levels, but after a while the game may become a bit repetitive. That is a huge turn-off to go alongside the price.

I will say for the initial play through, Alien Zombie Megadeath is very addicting. It’s just a bit shy of a 4/5 rating due to its price, graphics that may bother some folks, and terrible co-op. Otherwise, those of you who are diehard arcade fans and old school-gamers will very much enjoy this downloadable title.