Game of Thrones – Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons

The land of Winterfell gets a Bill Watterson-esque makeover in this awesome Game of Thrones x Calvin and Hobbes mashup by Joel Watson. This is a more gorified take on the cover for one of the greatest story arcs in Calvin and Hobbes history.

From the artist:

I’ve been tossing this Calvin and Hobbes meets Game of Thrones idea around for a while.Originally it was going to be Calvin/Jon Snow and Hobbes/Sam standing atop the wall mirroring the dialog from the final Calvin And Hobbes strip, ending with “Let’s Go Exploring.” As I was doing research for reference images I came across the cover to the Attack… collection and realized it was basically already a scene out of GoT, complete with a White Walker and everything. So there you go. I hope you enjoy it.

(via The Sly Oyster)

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