This Super Mario Warp Pipe Coffee Mug and Coaster Set is the Bee’s Knees

I’ve been looking for a good geeky coffee mug lately since all my mugs either have the names of banks, vacation spots, or local radio stations on them. I’ve seen plenty of geeky coffee mugs in my day, from Megatokyo’s Magic C0ff33 +1 to the Mega Man E Tank mug, but this Pipe Mug from Fangamer takes the cake. It even comes with one of three random reversible rubber coasters for $34, or you could just buy Fangamer’s Warp Zone Combo which includes the mug, coaster set a sweet t-shirt, some stylish Mario inspired posters, and some Mario buttons.

All this can be yours for the low price of $99. Who says paying bills on time is important!?

(via UniqueDaily)