Echidnas Are Weird

I was watching a zoology show recently which featured weird creatures from Australia and New Guinea. One of those was the echidna, which you may know due to Knuckles from the Sonic series.

Echidnas are pretty weird. They, along with the platypus, are basically the evolutionary link between reptiles and mammals. They don’t regulate their body temperature well, they pee and poo at the same time and from the same hole, and females lay eggs instead of gestating internally. The male’s reproductive system is where it gets really weird, though. So weird that I had to put the picture after the break.

Hit the link for the lowdown on the echidna’s disturbing and elaborate penis.

[NSFW, especially if you work with echidnas!]

I know, right? One shaft, four heads. This is another carryover from reptiles, who have a two-headed penis called a hemipenis. During humpy time, one side does its job while the other shuts down and saves its energy for later. The same applies for the echidna, expect that it has four heads: two shut down while the other two enter the female’s branching reproductive system.

Next time you play Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles, impress your friends with your knowledge of echidna anatomy. And please, no dirty drawings of Knuckles. This junk is serious.