This Microwaved 3DS XL Can Be Yours For Just $2241

In a nutshell: a dude microwaved the shit out of a 3DS XL and is hawking it on eBay for an absurd amount of money.

Here’s a video of the nuking.


Even more absurdly awesome are the Questions And Answers About This Item on the auction listing.

Q: So it’s supposed to be a work of art
A: In awnser to your question the 3DS XL is guaranteed professionally microwaved & you are correct. It is a beautiful work of art, sign and dated by the artist.

Q: Hi. If I bought this item, would you be able to microwave me a Circle Pad Pro XL, once they are released? I hear Kid Icarus Uprising would not be playable without it.
A: Yes, I would agree to professionally microwave Circle Pad Pro XL if you purchase this item. I will included this addtional microwaved post product in your purchase free of charge. I also plan on professionally microwaving the Wii U as soon as it is released in December.

Q: Why would I waste $2k on this item when I could purchase my own microwave and 3DS XL for way cheaper? I’m unable to follow any sort of logical reasoning behind this eBay listing.
A: Thankyou for your question. Unfortunately if you did that it would be nothing more than a knock-off of the original I am selling and knock offs are just knock offs which are just cheap imitations. You are better off just investing into the original microwaved 3DS XL Because it’s professionally microwaved the proper microwaving way and its a wise investment in my opinion. I hope this helps awnser your question.

Q: Looks in PERFECT condition! ;D
A: I agree, it’s better than perfect, it’s absolutely perfected perfection that only microwaving can deliver

Q: Why the fuck would you do this
A: Thankyou for your question. We are happy to awnser your questions with a smile. In awnser to your question, Why would I not professionally microwave my Nintendo 3DS XL out of the factory box inside a giant five ton microwaving robot? It looks better then it did when it was new and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I hope this helps.


Thanks to Mad Sirman for the tip!

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