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blogLIFE: The Albotas.com Story

This is the first of many in a series of short vlogumentaries depicting the ins and outs and ups and downs of trying to make a living as a geek culture blogger. Told from the perspective of Albotas.com founder Robby “brownkidd” Weiss, blogLIFE is a quest for the American dream in the wild frontier known as the blogosphere. Take a peek behind the curtain and witness the inner workings, occasional perks, and constant struggles associated with running a semi-popular Tumblr site.

Huge thanks to the rad peeps over at Sony who made this possible by donating an  Alpha NEX-F3 to our cause.

About The Author


Robby "brownkidd" Weiss is a video marketing producer in real life who likes drawing and making stupid songs for his own pleasure in addition to indulging in the wide variety of interests featured on this very site. He has four cats (not by choice) and is an enormous fan of the female anatomy.