Moekana: Adorable Hirigana Flash Cards For Otaku

I had the extreme honor of sitting in on nerd god Danny Choo‘s panel at New York Comic Con (which was his first time ever in NY!) where he revealed some new additions to line of Moekana flash cards. Check out the one for “big” and the RPG inspired one for “street, town, village”.

For those who don’t know, Danny Choo started out as a passionate otaku who always dreamed of one day living in Japan. He wound up teaching himself Japanese and website development and his since worked for some pretty huge companies including the Japanese branches of Amazon and Microsoft, and he currently has two shows devoted to shining a spotlight on Japanese otaku culture. He’s also produced several anime series and currently runs his own company, Mirai Inc.

The dude’s insanely inspirational and I highly recommend you read his bio and this article about how discovering Japan changed his life. Who knows, maybe Moekana flash cards will change your life and make your dreams come true just like learning Japanese did for Danny!


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