Arcade Machine Hacked To Control RC Cars

Take a close look at the Sega Rally arcade cabinet pictured up top. Those aren’t the game’s graphics on the screen. It’s a live feed from a camera mounted onto an RC car that it controlled by the arcade. There’s even an option to switch between 1st and 3rd person views!

The cabinet is hooked up to an Arduino and I’m sure there’s all sorts of sciency stuff involved that I won’t ever understand, but it’s all pretty dang fresh.

The whole project was developed for the SAPO Codebits VI conference in Portugal.

Check out some footage of the Sega Rally Championship RC Cars Project below.


  • maton

    I wish there was a way to get these in sets. I don’t know anywhere that has those capsule machines, much less anyone who would put these in it.

    • You can get a pack of 250 for only $87.95 from that place.

    • Daverino

      I found them at Toys R Us…

  • Damn it! I don’t want these… I need these!!
    If anyone finds where to buy sets or if anyone knows where to find the machines in the greater Philadelphia area , Tell me!

    • Found a complete set for only $4.95 on Amazon. Bought the last two sets though, sorry. On the bright side, I’ll be giving a set away here on the site in a contest!

  • i like those…

  • RV