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Brownkidd is the founder of I’m Marc, the other dude. My dad showed me something called Space Invaders at the age of 3. From that moment, I was hooked to all things awesome: videogames, giant robots, and toys.

I originally wrote for a videogame website but always wanted to write for Albotas instead. So that’s what I did. I still love games, especially 2D fighters and shooters, as well as anything old. But designer toys have taken over my blogging life. Or should I say blogLIFE?

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten more and more frustrated with the videogames industry. It’s becoming more like the movie industry every year – publishers only banking on IPs that they can make a series out of, resulting in a lack of innovation or originality. Sure there are a lot of great modern games out there, but it’s not like it used to be. The Dreamcast was the last console with a soul if you ask me.

So over this time I’ve started writing more about designer toys. I started seeing these things in the local record store around 2004 and got familiar with Kidrobot. Then I started seeing stuff from tokidoki and started to actually collect the toys. Now I’m hitting up crazy Kidrobot parties and going to the Designer Toy Awards. Crazy stuff. Anyway, you’re probably here to watch the video rather than read a wall of text, so check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!


[blogLIFE is a series of short vlogumentaries told from the perspective of founder Robby “brownkidd” Weiss as he documents his quest to find the American dream accross the wild frontier known as the blogosphere. Take a peek behind the curtain and witness the inner workings, occasional perks, and constant struggles associated with running a semi-popular geek lifestyle blog.]