Cocoon 1: A Plastic Case of Emotion

Occupying that weird status between a chair and a room, the Cocoon 1 is the latest creation of Swedish designers, Micasa Lab. The spheroid chairoom comes with rearrangeable cushions so you can plan your evil schemes in customized comfort.

One of my dreams is to build a human-sized hamster maze, complete with transparent plastic and a running wheel. I think the Cocoon 1 would go nicely with this setup.

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Source: Yanko Design
  • maton

    I’ll take that werewolf off yer hands.

  • Whey hey! you got some of my Yeti Guys! 😀 hope you like them.

    • Hey, thanks so much. I LOVE THEM!!! Full reviews coming up when the weekly blindboxed show relaunches. Stay tuned!