Humungoid Toy Drop from EscToy

Erick Scarecrow and EscToy just dropped a huge amount of resin toys on us. The Flying Crow Crow Bear is my favorite, mostly because I’m a sucker for purple sprays. Only six of them were made and are available for $300.

The ten-inch Old Skool Kaiju Gaizer Dizign has an awesomely splattered Kill Bill paint application. Limited to ten pieces, this one’ll run you $130.

Esc team up with Frombie again to bring Tunic Kami x Sama Blue. These are all signed and numbered and come with a pin to boot.

Pretty Boi Silver Bastard looks like a killer mashup of Tim Burton and chibi characters. Five of these were released, but there’s only one left. Grab it for $250.

A new colorway of the Mini Supa Jr. has also been released. Clear Cherry is a transparent orangey red, and is probably my favorite one so far.

These are just the highlights of the December drop from EscToys. Check out the rest of their releases or pick up one of the above toys right here.