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90’s Nostalgia: The Tales from the Crypt Saturday Morning Game Show

So when I was five years old, Tales from the Crypt was a pretty fucking huge deal for HBO. My father always watched it and I was kind of always around to squeal or run away from his television set while it played, but the memories and nostalgia always lingered of the Crypt Keeper and his fucked up tales of horror. But something crossed my mind the other day and I don’t think many people remember this, but do you remember the Crypt Keeper’s gameshow?

I hardly do. With the help of Google/Wikipedia/YouTube, I’m watching it over and thinking: How in the fuck did this crazy ass Saturday morning children’s game show air, of all networks, on CBS? And how did it last for one year?

The show was called Secrets of the Crypt Keeper’s Haunted House, and it involved kids going through physical challenges, Legend of the Hidden Temple style. They had a section of the challenge titled “The Swamp From Hell and used a shit ton of bad CGI to animate it.

Thanks to a user on YouTube, an episode is on the Internet to peep in three different parts. I guess the uploader, bojibbles, was a contestent on the show. Enjoy this hidden gem with me, because my brain doesn’t want to shit bricks alone at remembering this show at random.