You’re welcome.

  • VivaLaUndead

    i thought i was ready a Kotaku review for a second.

    • ^__^ nope! I just adopted their review style a few months back. My ideal review format is something like the old EGM reviews where they had multiple reviewers so that you could get a different perspective on things, but since I hate scores and I’m the only one writing here, I figured this format works best. I actually did this before I read a Kotaku review (usually stay away from reviews, ‘cept for EGM because I used to read each issue cover to cover ^.^), but I read a Kotaku review for the first time and liked how they color coded everything and did the catchy intros for each loved/hated point, so I totally stole that.

      Hope it was at least informative even if it came off as a Kotaku ripoff. ( T__T;)

  • Chad

    Hey Robby I know there’s nothing like sitting in the can with a new comicbook or manga, but the whole series is complete in this site , since here in mexico is hard to get good manga,that’s the site that I use, even if it’s fan translated.

    • That’s actually where I went to get the artwork embedded in this interview since Viz didn’t have any preview pages on their site that I could find. =/

      I read a few manga online, but it’s mainly stuff that’s not in America like K-ON! and Houkago Play. Also, some of the fonts that fansubbers use are just TERRIBLE! Maybe it’s because I need new contact lenses, but the font for Fuyu’s speech in the Biomega fansubs really does a number on my eyeballs.

      I kind of feel bad for the non-Japanese manga industry. By the time licenses are acquired and titles are translated, a good portion of the demographic has already read it/watched it. For example, K-ON! just got licensed in the U.S., but I’ve already read most of it and watched the whole first season.

      They need to do something like include cool bonuses with manga and anime in other countries to make it worth the wait. Otherwise more and more great companies will go under, which is already happening.

  • Bio-Bullets

    Only manga i read this year… so far..