Indie Favorite VVVVVV is now coming to iOS

Get ready to break your iPhones. VVVVVV, and recent iOS hit, Superhexagon creator Terry Cavanagh revealed on Twitter that he is working on an iOS version of the game.

For those who don’t know, VVVVVV (originally released on PC, Mac and Nintendo 3DS) is a fantastic entry into the masochistic platformer genre which also includes I Want to Be The Guy and Super Meat Boy. These games take pride in killing the player as many times as possible and present an enormous challenge to anyone playing them. VVVVVV has a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to bounce from the floor to the ceiling by changing the gravity. This creates thrilling moments of hope when falling upward through a spiked cavern only to be killed right at the end. At that point, it’s time to try again.

VVVVVV presents this die-reload-die-reload-succeed style gameplay in gorgeous pixel design and a killer soundtrack. I’d argue that the soundtrack, created by chiptune artist SoulEye, is one of the best that gaming has to offer in terms of chiptunes.

However, Terry Cavanagh claims that the game works best with buttons and that he hopes to make it work for iOS. However, he claims that the game will be released “not for AGES”

For now, we can load up the soundtrack on our iPhones and play that while imagining the many spiked deaths that await us.


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