Tower of the Gorillion is a two player game for one (or two!) where you control two characters by either switching between them on the fly or co-opping it up with a friend. Levels are split up into a foreground and a background layer and each character can only stick to their own layer, so you’ll have to work together to make it out alive.


What’s also interesting is how the characters control. There’s a thief-y, mage-looking, hooded Jawa dude who has a super high/floaty jump who can only attack by throwing daggers mid jump, then there’s the typical warrior dude who can only attack while on foot by slashing fools. It definitely mixes the combat up and forces you to think about how to approach each enemy – enemies which consist of things like foxes and giraffes. You know, basic bad guys.

The music is sweet, the puzzles are super clever, and the graphics give off a heavy Final Fantasy meets Cave Story vibe which is totally a good thing.

It also has a pretty deep backstory. Check it:

In 199X, a tower appeared on the horizon beyond the edge of the earth, from which a strange howl could be heard in the distance. For centuries, human sacrifices would be cast over the edge of the earth to appease the Gorillion – the beast said to reside in the tower. If sacrifices are not sent, it is said that the demons living in the abyss will climb up to where the humans live and destroy them.

One day a wanderer decides to investigate an ancient ruin perched at the which overlooks the solitary tower floating in the clouds below.

This is the story of that man who refused the ideology of his time.

Philosophical, son!

An older version of the game had a monochromatic Game Boy-esque color pallet, but the latest demo has full color graphics. Play the free demo version in your browser here and be sure to support the game on Steam Greenlight and check the devlog over on TIGSource.