Not Cool: Glee Rips Off The Dude Who Wrote The Portal Theme Song

Jonathan Coulton is most notable among gamers for writing “Still Alive” – the iconic anthem at the end credits of Portal. Well, someone at Fox must be a fan because check THIS shit out…

Here’s a cover of Sir Mixalot’s “I Like Big Butts” from Coulton’s 2006 album Thing a Week One.


Now here’s a the same cover by Glee which totally rips off Coulton’s arrangement note-for-note.


I mean, sure, you can totally say that covers are ripoffs to begin with, but re-arranging a song into a completely different genre takes way more talent and energy than lifting a song from some obscure musician in hopes that no one will notice.

Dear people who work at Fox, there’s this thing called the Internet and it will always find out EVERYTHING.

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