Upchuck Classicko by Erick Scarecrow

Erick Scarecrow just dropped an all new limited edition colorway of his 6” resin Upchuck figure. This handpainted “Classicko” edition is limited to 15 pieces worldwide, comes with a 4” clear resin vomit bomb, and comes signed & numbered by the artist. Get it here.

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  • Dude that’s fantastic, don’t be ashamed for posting your own work. As bloggers we often spend a lot of time browsing and blogging because we really love art, games, and whatever awesome stuff we find, and as a result we don’t really get a chance to create as much as we’d like.

    • Thanks. You totally hit the nail on the head. I used to draw and do custom toys a lot until blogging took over. Need to make more time to be creative.