Wrestling Is… Now Offering Chikara Event Streams for Subscription

Ever wanted to watch Chikara Pro or Kaiju Big Battel regularly but unable to spend money on the DVDs or travel? Now Wrestling Is… has launched unlimited streaming of Chikara and Kaiju events that will be updated weekly. This means that the rich catalog of Chikara will be available for a monthly subscription.

This is fantastic news and a step in making Chikara a bigger presence in American pro wrestling.

For those unfamiliar with Chikara, it is a pro wrestling company based out of Philly that mashes humor, comic books, film and more with pro wrestling. It is a fantastic company that really subverts expectations of what pro-wrestling is. Fans of nerd culture need to check out this company as it is the best thing going in wrestling right now.

Chikara’s sister company Kaiju Big Battel is a place that takes the quirkiness and humor of Chikara to the extreme. It involves wrestlers dressing up as traditional kaiju movie monsters and wrestling in a right set up like a city. It is a blast.

If you ever had reservations or curiosity about these companies, now is the time to check this out and enjoy the best thing in wrestling. Even non-wrestling fans will enjoy this sort of unique American art form.

You can follow Chikara, Kaiju and Wrestling Is all on Twitter.

Primer on Chikara history for beginners.

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