Things I Bought At MegaCon: Day 2

Continuing on the track of posting about shit I bought at this year’s MegaCon, here’s my day 2 purchases. Like I said before, I’m really going to spend all my money on Sunday, so I spent a lot of time today going around the artist alley and seeing what I could find. Didn’t spend as much yesterday, but I am happy with the buys.

First row, left photo: Issac from Dead Space commission photo watercolor: My girlfriend’s been on a huge Dead Space kick for the last two months and while we decided to go up and down the huge artist alley,  she thought it’d be a great idea to find someone to illustrate something for her. She got this awesome Issac Clarke watercolor done by artist Ashley Lannfor a mere $30. Bargain, really, considering most artists in the alley do work for $50+ and have limitations of what to draw. Lanni did a great job drawing Issac after Googling him and working on the picture in under two hours.

First row, right photo: Brad Goodman Simpsons Figure: I went to the convention with Simpsons merch specifically on my buying list and this was really all I could find action figure wise. Picked it up for $5, which I thought was a huge steal. Figure goes for $3.99 on Amazon, so thankfully I didn’t get ripped off and technically could’ve paid less money on the figure, but it would’ve been more for shipping.

Second row, Adventure Time #4 variant: I thought about how hard it is to come across some of the variants after picking up issue #1 of the series yesterday at Boom’s booth for $10, so I returned and picked this cover up. Scott C. drew it. Also bought this issue for $10. It’s running for about $16 on Amazon.

Third row, RAK Graphics trading cards: This guy had a neat booth of his own work to sell off in a damn cool way. The booth was for RAK Graphics and the seller sold trading cards of whatever character he had drawn up in his own style for a buck each. I spent $1 for each of these character cards, so in total I spent $8.

Forth/Fifth rows, original art prints from artist Peter Nguyen: These prints were from an artist in the Artist Alley named Peter Nguyen. I’m fucking impressed. My dollars were spent wisely here — I got these three original prints for $25. He also signed all three of them. I’m framing them this week.

Today is the final day of attending the convention. I’ll be buying a lot of comics (I hope!) and picking up a commission piece I asked for yesterday. It’s a surprise. I’ll reveal it tonight…

Anyway, total I spent today: roughly $78. Total so far: $154.

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