Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

The king of comics would have been 96 today if he were still alive. I mentioned it earlier this week — those who wish to give back and show appreciation to the king of comics and heavily influential Jack Kirby, simply donate $9.60 to The Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comic book creators in need, which is also endorsed by the Kirby familyIf $9.60 is too much, please consider donating any amount lower. Anything works and everything helps. It’s the least you can do to give back to the comic book medium and show thanks to Kirby and his legacy. The donation link is right here for you.

  • Really sleepy after posting all those pics and words. Probably going to take a nap.

    -___- oOzzzZZZ

  • 0_0 I’m all sweaty after looking at those. The first pic with the Famicom / Super Famicom stuff looks like Mad-Gears stuff. The Famicom on top of the Disk System is a bootleg though. I wish people would stop selling those. I’ve been thinking about getting a red Twin when I have the money. I’ve been price-checking the Sharp X68000 as well, but I don’t think I can afford one of those mofos. Awesome post.

    • Thanks for checking out the post! I didn’t even realize that was a bootleg until now! Thanks for pointing that out.

      The original Famicom says “Family Computer” and this one says “Family Game” haha! I wonder how much they were charging for it — I didn’t even think to ask!

      I DID ask about the Twin Famicom and they were charging $160. Is that good? Bad? I honestly have no experience.

      • $160 is pretty damn good. They usually go for about $200 plus shipping. The one in the pic is actually a late model one, which has turbo controllers. I think that one might be the most difficult to find.

        I’d love to pick any of them up, especially the red one, but the Disk System is notoriously fragile. You have to replace the rubber belt all the time. I’m not sure if it’s still a problem in the Twins, but if not I’d totaly pick one up.

  • UnixGameRocker

    You probably could have gotten the vendor (Carlson) to let you peek at the MOTHER package. He’s a super nice guy.

    Seeing that pic has made me want to somehow include arcade buttons in a Munny.
    8″ Dunny with joysticks for ears!

  • 0_0 I’m all sweaty after looking at those. I didnot see PS1, PS1, PS3 were posted. Why? but still Awesome post.

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