So This Clock Is Pretty Amazing

Spotted this Parappa the Rapper clock on Flickr and I need it in my life all kinds of bad. Only place I could find it is eBay for $90. Sad panda.

And it’s especially awesome because if plays music when you press the frog on his hat! Check it out in action below.


Man… how can I get one of these?


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Robby "brownkidd" Weiss is a video marketing producer in real life who likes drawing and making stupid songs for his own pleasure in addition to indulging in the wide variety of interests featured on this very site. He has four cats (not by choice) and is an enormous fan of the female anatomy.

  • Still not 100% sure what it’s for, but I feel compelled to get it and give it a crack.
    I also seem to have gotten a craving for a quarter pounder…

    • Tirithek

      Ditto on still not being sure exactly what it is but that video was Quality stuff.
      Also, don’t you mean a Royale with cheese? ^^