Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition – The Albotas Review

I’m a little late on the Special Edition of Indie Game: The Movie, but apparently there’s still a handful of people out there that don’t know this exists. So right off the bat I’m letting it be known: you need to know this exists. It’s really incredible.


  • This bad boy’s got 100+ minutes of footage. That’s a generous amount of extra minutes added on to this already superb documentary film.
  • All extra footage brings even more incredible emotion to Indie Game: The Movie.
  • We’ve got epilogues for Phil Fish, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, a look into Braid’s art with David Hellman, an explanation of Spelunky‘s level generator, and so much more.
  • The infamous Phil Fishhates Japanese games,” footage is shown, including his reaction and side of the story.
  • Deleted scenes and insider stories are also added.
  • There’s also some awesome ‘Team Meat Commentary,’ added.
  • The special edition is only $5 for those who already own the base movie. This is actually advertised as DLC, which may be the first time I’ve heard that term for a movie.
  • $15 for both the original film and the DLC.
  • Only $5 for the bonus features by themselves if you have the base app (the original film), or just spend $5 for the special editon by itself.


  • Eh…there really is none?

I mean, you can see I don’t really have any beefs with this Special Edition version of Indie Game: The Movie. It’s practically the perfect package. If you’ve seen the original movie, I definitely recommend paying the extra money to watch these special features. The 100+ extra minutes of footage make it worth it. Hell, the Team Meat Commentary alone makes this package worth the purchase.

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