Amazon Digital Black Friday/Holiday Sales

Dear superior PC gamers: Amazon has finally hacked a lot of prices from a TON of PC games in time for the holidays. Peep the list below. Games also available for Mac are as listed.

Bioshock Triple Pack (PC/Mac) $15
Borderlands 2 + Borderlands GOTY (PC) $12
Bully Scholarship Edition + Manhunt + Manhunt 2 + Midnight Club 2 (PC) $8
Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box + Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC) $6
Civ V Gold + Brave New World (PC) $20
Dead Island GOTY + DLC (PC) $33
FTL: Faster Than Light (PC/Mac) $5
GTA Trilogy + Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) $11
Guacamelee! Gold Edition (PC/Mac) $10
Mass Effect 3: Digital Deluxe (PC) $10
Max Payne 3 + Season Pass (PC/Mac) $7
Mirror Edge + DLC (PC) $5
Saint’s Row IV (PC) $30
Shatter (PC/Mac) $2.50
Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PC) $15
To the Moon (PC) $3
The Walking Dead Pack (PC/Mac) $7.25
The Walking Dead: 400 Days (PC/Mac) $1.25
The XCOM Collection (PC) $10

This IS NOT everything, so
head over to Amazon for even more steep deals.

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