Fanart Friday: Ron F#$%ing Swanson

For’s first ever installment of Fanart Friday, we’ll be taking a look at the many different flavors of Ron Swanson. Many different flavors, but one great taste: man. Ron Swanson tastes like a man.

By Lauren Sullivan.

By Raz Latif.

“Ron Swanson Edible Arrangement” by Zak Tietjen.

From the artist:

Inspired by Arcimboldo‘s fruit basket paintings, I sought out to create a meat basket with the resemblance of the always manly, Ron Swanson.

By Erin Maala.

By  Michael Sapienza.

By Wes Montgomery.

[Dustin Watson]

[Bill Main]


Suited. [Dave Grey]

[Lewis James Heald]

[Chelsea Bloxsom]

[Mike Hackett]


[Justin Peterson]

[Jon Defreest]


[Michael Tiscareno]

[Dennis Hart]

[M. Shindler]

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