I came across this Instagram by user @archehemmingway that has some incredible pop culture donuts, so I had to post these cool creations here. I reached out to the baker, Timmy Hanno, and he filled me in on his donut work.

I work at a little bakery in the south burbs of Chicago called Tuzik’s Bakery. Mostly I’m the night guy, getting things ready for the morning and decorating cakes, cookies, and donuts when needed. Half the time I know which character I’m doing that night and half the time I see a donut that reminds me of a character and I go from there. I use long johns mostly that turned out too big or I’ll make turnovers I cut into shape. I never went to culinary school, I just lucked into a job at a bakery and happen to be a decent artist.

Decent artist alright — these donuts are damn sick work. Props to Hanno for making such delicious art!

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