Guess what fellow North Americans? Japan has something else we probably won’t ever get: Waffnuts and Chounuts from Krispy Kreme. The Waffnuts are a combination of a Belgian waffle and donut, while Chounuts are a donut made up of choux pastry, which is a batter used when making cream puffs or French cruller donuts.


Krispy Kreme Japan plans on selling different varieties of Waffnuts and Chounuts as limited-edition offerings. For Waffnuts — There’s the Waffnuts Strawberry, a waffle-donut covered in freeze-dried strarberries and strawberry frosting, the Waffnuts Almond, which is spread with an almond paste, dark chocolate drizzle, and salted almonds, and last but not least, the Waffnuts Uji Matcha, which features matcha in the waffle-donut dough and matcha frosting, finished with white chocolate drizzle and chocolate cereal flakes.

There will be two different types of Chounuts available in Japan. The Chounuts Double Caramel will be caramel cream-filled, mixed with salted caramel sauce and topped with dark chocolate drizzle. Then there’s the Chounuts Lemon Cheese, filled with cream cheese infused with lemon and topped with white chocolate drizzle.

Waffnuts and Chounuts launched in Japan Krispy Kremes June 10 and will continue through July 21. The Chounuts will sell at 210 Yen (~$1.68) each while the Waffnuts will go for 240 Yen (~$1.92 US) a piece.