Smoking subscription box company BurnBox is currently seeking the ultimate 4/20 house party to provide $300 worth of pizza and a bunch of smoking tools toward. The company is holding a contest, asking people to talk about their 4/20 party and why it’ll be so great for their chance to win a ton of pizza, pipes and rolling papers for their party.

Per the BurnBox blog:

Whomever is hosting the greatest 4/20 house party the year has to offer will be receiving party favors from BurnBox. We’ll be supplying up to $300 worth of pizza for the event, in addition to a ton of BurnBox swag and smoking gear. Pipes, papers, cones, toys, accessories, you name it — if it helps you smoke, we’ll probably be supplying it.

Our contest will end on April 10, 12PM EST and a winner will be chosen that same night. We will notify the winner over email and take their pizza order. Everyone at the party must be 18 or older since there will be smoking. We’ll also hire a photographer to attend the event and capture the amazing 4/20 event we were promised, so we can share the celebration with the world.

The rules are simple, but if you’re submitting your measly party with four other friends and a few blunts, you might want to reconsider applying. Here’s to hoping BurnBox finds the biggest 4/20 party in the nation and shows the huge function off to the public.

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