Pics from’s Pokémon Fight Club Meet-up at Level Up Video Games & Collectibles.

The first ever Pokémon Fight Club was a blast and a huge success. People came from all over PA to meet new Pokémaniacs, trade, and get their battle on. Also, everyone who showed up got to trade for an Arceus holding a Master Ball – a LEGIT Arceus! None of that Action Replay crap here!

There was also a raffle with some cool Pokémon prizes and the final prize was a Level Up gift card.

Fun times were had, battles were fought, and there was even a dude cosplaying as a Pokémon professor. I battled him (and crushed him) and was impressed that all his Pokémons’ names were shmup references like Ikaruga and Vic Viper.

For anyone in the Berks County/Philly area, if you’re into retro gaming and obscure collectible stuff, Level Up is definitely the place to go. They’ll also be having a Goldeneye 64 tournament next week, so you can bet we’ll be there.

In case you missed out on this one, we’ve started a Pokémon Fight Club Facebook Page where you can stay updated with info on upcoming meet-ups.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and enduring the smoldering heat while cramped in the tiny Level Up shack and big thanks to Paul for putting some awesome prizes in the raffle and for letting us host this thing in his store

Without further ado, here’s the pics in all their hot, sweaty, Pokémony glory.