Creepiest Pokémon hack ever. I spotted this creepypasta about a “supposed” bootleg Pokémon cart hack on /tr/ a few days ago, but didn’t post it here because I wasn’t sure if it was old news or if was even real. That, and I didn’t feel like transcribing the author’s account of the whole thing since it was a bunch of text in .jpg form.

The basic gyst of it is this: there’s a hacked Pokémon fan game on a black cartridge. In this game, you have a ghost in your party that can never be taken out. Not like a Ghastly or Haunter type ghost, but the Ghost sprite from the tower in Lavender Town. The ghost has only one move: Curse. When you use Curse, it kills any Pokémon or opposing trainers in battle and trainers are turned into tombstones. Then you beat the Elite 4 and that’s where things start to get even creepier.

Anyway, Eric Caoili from Tiny Cartridge was rad enough to transcribe the freshness, so head over there to read the whole post. Whether this hack really exists or not is up for debate, but it’s totally worth the read and will most likely leave you with an icky feeling in your soul.