Daily Graffiti: War from Darksiders. Here’s another one from Probs who was featured on yesterday’s Daily Graffiti with his sick Ryu vs Spidey piece. This Darksiders piece was a collab with fellow graffiti artist Revert.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a huge Joe Madureira fan, so when I first heard that he was working on game, I freaked the hell out. Darksiders was a pretty good game for a while, but it sorta’ got stale for me towards the end, so I fell out of it.

All the challenges to became so tedious. Like, instead of dumping a bunch of puzzle pieces in front of you to figure out, all the pieces were just spread apart in order so that you could still see the picture, making it seem a little pointless to make an effort to connect the pieces together. Maybe I was just in a funky state of mind, or maybe it was my gaming A.D.D., but I’d really like to give Darksiders another chance because it was pretty badass for the most part. Too bad I traded it in a while back.