New Shawnimals Ninja of the Month: Ninja Consultant.

Available Wednesday, August 4 at 1pm CDT, the handmade Ninja Consultant plush from Shawnimals comes with a signed & numbered hang tag, little arm nub and chart/business card combo, a sticker, and a button.

These dudes are limited to just 100 pieces in the world and they’ll only be $30.

From the tag:
“This Ninja lost his arm in a cookie eating contest…er, we mean fearsome battle. That doesn’t stop him from earning a living as a consultant. Impressive presentations and pie charts in tow, he’ll show you countless ways to make your ninja processes more efficient with side steps, smoke bombs and synergy.”

“My presentation skills are unmatched!”

Be sure to get yours when they drop over at the Shawnimals shop.