New Pokémon Black & White Trailer and Details

This new trailer shows off a bunch of new stuff like:

– New trainer classes including a chef, American football player, nurse, and more.
– The Dream World feature lets you take one of your Pokémon from the game and upload them to a website to play minigames. A garden is shown growing berries along with some Safari Zone-esqe battles.
– Ugh. Pokémon Musical. It’s basically the new version of contests. You dress your Pokémon up and they dance around. Kinda’ cute, but I really liked the Pokéathelon minigames and was hoping for something with that level of interactivity as opposed to just watching sprites be cute.
– We get a glimpse a t the new evil team, Team Plasma. From the looks of their silly Roman Catholic Knight uniforms, it’s safe to say no evil team will ever look as badass as Team Magma.
– A new C-Gear feature is shown called H-Link. It’ll let players see each other on the overworld screen in their game. This will probably be how people playing one version can visit the version-exclusive areas in another version. Sort of like visiting another person’s town in Animal Crossing.
– We finally get to see how we’ll transfer old Pokés from Generation IV games. It’s called the PokéShifter and it might piss a few people off. The only way to transfer Pokémon is by using two DS systems, and you have to play a minigame with a time limit to get them. Kind of a bummer.

We also see a few new Pokémon, some cool scenes like the boy protagonist being launched from a canon, and a bunch of pretty backgrounds.

[Via Bulbapedia]