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Trailer for the Documentary Wu-Tang Revealed.

[Note: We typically tend to stray away from posting music stuff on Albotas (unless it’s chiptunes, of course!) because music is such a subjective, personal thing and people’s tastes vary all across the place, but since this post is more about a movie, we figure it couldn’t hurt.]

Okay, so back in the day (I’m talking WAY back, like 10 years ago. Fuck. I’m old!) I used to be pretty big into hip-hop. My favorite hip-hop group was – and still is – the Wu-Tang Clan. Nine dudes (Eight now. RIP ODB.) just getting on the mic and ripping it apart. Each member has such a distinct characteristic, but they all share the same weird language of crazy metaphors and obscure references to Kung-fu movies.

I’ve always wondered how a high-profile musical act with so many members could survive so long without ending at the hands of “band drama”.

Wu-Tang Revealed is a documentary by group member GZA (named after the sound the word “genius” makes when scratched on a record) after 10 years of tour footage. As you see in the trailer above, there’s no shortage of drama whatsoever. You also get a sense of how small these dudes probably feel to be part of something so much bigger than them.

Also, lots of N and F bombs. Cover your ears.

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