Pokémon Ghost Black Hack is Now A Homebrew Visual Novel for DS.

We’re still waiting patiently for those ROM hackers to make the Creepy Pokémon Ghost Black Hack a reality, indie game developer Multiple:Option has whipped up a visual novel retelling of famous creepypasta.

This version is called Pokémon Ghost Black ReTold and it was made as entry to the Neoflash Coding Compo 2010. You can download the ROM here, but it’s recommended that you put it on a DS flashcart (strictly for homebrew purposes & legal backups, of course) and view it on the actual system because the developer describes it as “being a bit flaky” on an emulator.

Oh, and the ending’s a bit different from the original creepypasta, so try not to spoil the creepy surprise in the comments.

[Via Tiny Cartridge]