Hey, look! A few new screens for DC Universe Online!

Are you as stoked as we are for DC Universe Online? Here’s some new screenshots to hold you over until November 2nd.

I’ve decided that when this game comes out, my superhero will be named Testiclese. He’s the last of the Testiclones, a short-lived race of supernatural beings born from the sperm of Superman after he flushed a wadded tissue and it mixed with toxic waste in the sewer (always with the toxic waste, superheroes). His brothers were eaten by sewer rats while still in their pupa forms. He can lift cars and fly and shit. He also has the power to shoot copies of himself from his bellybutton to do his bidding and his pubes are super strong and he can move them at will like vines to fight and swing from buildings.What? You can’t do that sort of stuff in the actual game? Fuck you, I do what I want! I’ll GameShark that bitch!