Wait, so there’s gonna’ be TWO Batmen now?

Or should that be “Batmans”?

So, if you haven’t been keeping up with the recent craziness in Batman comics, the Caped Crusader sorta’ died. Only, he’s not really dead, he’s appearing through random points in history until he can find a way back to his own time line. Crazy stuff.

Meanwhile, former Robin, Dick Grayson, has been donning Batman’s cowl and defending Gotham in his place while Batman’s son, Damian Wayne, is the new Robin.

When the real Batman returns this November, he’ll be starring in the all-new BATMAN INC. and BATMAN: DARK NIGHT while Dick Grayson will keep on Batmanning it up with Robin in BATMAN & ROBIN, BATMAN, and DETECTIVE COMICS.

What a dick! His mentor comes back from the dead and he won’t even give him his spotlight back or stop prancing around in his suit? Not only that, but dickish Dick Grayson gets three books devoted to him, while Bruce Wayne only gets two! What’s going on here!!! I seriously hope a Dick Grayson beatdown is on its way.

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