Big Fat F**king Rumor: Black & White Starter Evolutions.

Here’s some pics of what the new starter Pokes from Pokemon Black & White may or  may not actually look like.

These pics were posted on Serebii who says:

Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this but the circumstances behind the post has encouraged me to do it. A short time ago, a user posted on the Japanese forum 2ch various images of what are allegedly the evolutions of the starter Pokémon; Tsutarja, Pokabu & Mijumaru. This post was placed upon 2ch’s Siberia board where leaks have come in the past. For example, the starters names, Professor Araragi, Team Plasma and both Triple & Rotation Battles were posted there back in April, way before they were included in CoroCoro. As 2ch publically logs the IP, I was able to trace the IP of the posters of both rumours to the same area of Japan running on the same ISP, which in itself isn’t significant but does add credence to this. These images are NOT CONFIRMED AT ALL so don’t take them as fact yet. However, due to the circumstances stated above, I am going to post them. Just remember that these are not confirmed and may very well turn out to be fake. We’ll bring more on this as and when it comes

What’s interesting is how closely the 2nd evolution of the water guy matches some concept art for the upcoming anime that was leaked (and proven to be credible) a while back.

And as one clever 4chan poster notes, these dealies sorta’ look like edits/ripoffs of older Pokemon designs:

What do you dudes think?

Are they real or fake?

Are they rad?

Do they make you want to vomit on strangers?

What should we name them? I’ve seen some cool names like Smuglord for the grass dude, Gnarlywol & Samurot for the water guy’s 2nd & 3rd evos, and Volsumo for the fire piggie dude.