Help This Comic Shop Win BEST CRAB CAKES Award!

Lee, the dude who runs my local comic shop, 1up Collectibles, wants to get a Best of Berks Award. See, Berks County is where his shop is located, and there’s a hoity-toity magazine called Berks County Living run by middle-class Berks Countians who only cover junk that middle-class American housewives give a shit about. Stuff like home design, Jazz festivals, fall festivals with hay rides, where to buy Ugg boots, Berks Countians who invented the toothbrush, etc.

The magazine does a pretty good job at isolating the minorities who make up over half of the county’s population by ignoring them completely along with the more “hip” youth-oriented goings-on like punk rock shows, local toy customizers, breakdancing competitions, and local geekiness like the Too Many Games expo happening later this month. Extreme out-of-touch-ness paints a prettier, more wealthy/Caucasian picture of our little county. Maybe I should start my own local mag…

Well, each year, the magazine bestows awards to certain local businesses in different categories. Sadly, there is no category for “Best Comic Book Shop”, but there IS a category for “Best Crab Cakes”, so that’s just as good, right?

So, if you’d like to support a local comic shop while causing some lolz and shaking up the system at the same time, please click this link and vote for 1up Collectibles in categories  5, 9, 10, 13 and 17. Make sure to vote for them in category #9, that’s the crab cakes one.

It should be noted that 1up Collectibles DOES NOT sell Crab Cakes, but if they win a Best of Berks Award, you can bet your sweet patooti that there WILL be Crab Cakes to be gobbled up at the story. And by that I mean there’ll be little cakes that look like crabs, not real crab cakes.