KusoVinyl Launches Their KusoPop Brand. Here’s some pics of a hot chick in her undies to celebrate!

KusoVinyl just send us word that they’ve officially launched their KusoPop sub-brand of clothing and accessories. They’ve sent us some super-cute pics of the oh-so adorably sexy Linda Le in some of their new shirts (and skimpy pantsu!).

Ms. Le also hosted this mini announcement video shot by James Dayap. Unfortunately, there’s no embeddable version of the vid, but you can check it out right here.

KusoVinyl owner Jonathan Ma also tells us “The first 10 shoppers who purchase from KusoPop’s website have a chance to win a special figure designed by Nakanari. KusoPop will also show up at J*POP festival in SF on September 18th with various products.”

The KusoPop site‘s still under construction, so bookmark it and keep checking back and buy somethin’, will ya’?