Brand Alert: Doctor Hazmat

Albotas reader Bryan Sotomayor wrote in to tell us about his fresh-to-death t-shirt line, Dr. Hazmat. All of his shirts are limited edition and super rad, but the Super Mario Bros. inspired tee above is by far the sickest.

I started a clothing line named Doctor Hazmat just before the summer. It’s about Doctor Hazmat and his assistant/friend Multi-purpose Autonomous Cyborg aka M.A.C.

After making my first two tees to introduce the Doctor and MAC, I made the shirt I wanted to make since I thought of these characters back in November/December of last year. A parody to the game that got me hooked. This year also happens to mark the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. as I’m sure you already know.

You can follow the latest Doctor Hazmat designs and news at, and

it should also be noted that Bryan, the brand’s founder, is a rad dude who I’ve never met in person, but was awesome enough to score me some awesome Pokémon toys from the Nintendo World Store in NYC after reading my plea in this post. Thanks, Bryan!