Check Out Spider-Man and Albert Wesker In Action In This Latest MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3 Footage.

Capcom announced these guys as playable characters during TGS, but now we have footage of ‘em in ass-kicking action.

First up is everyone’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and it looks like he’s learned a few new moves since MvC2. He’s even brought his Spider-Man-ish witty smart-assery along this time. Also, loving the “win” pose where he hangs the camera with webbing. So awesome how Capcom paid close attention to bringing each character’s personality to life.

Next up is RESIDENT EVIL bad dude Albert Wesker. His moves are just plain badass and so it his theme music playing in the trailer below. It also seems like he brought his leather trench-coat and sunglasses from past RE games [Via THE MATRIX].


The more info that get’s released about this game, the more pumped we’re getting to kick the crap out of our friends in 3-on-3 combo-fueled deathmatches. MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3: FATE OF TWO WORLDS hits PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring 2011.

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