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Tons of Final Fantasy news

Square Enix started their big press event today. The biggest news is that there will be a “true” sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. The game will pick up where XIII left off, though details are scant. If you haven’t finished XIII, I would stay away from the trailer, which pretty much shows the end of the game. After that, Lightning is seen in some Xena-like armor. She clashes swords with an unknown character and the trailer ends. The game will be released for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

My favorite piece of news from today is a new – and lengthy – trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is being headed by Tetsuya Nomura. Now that we’ve seen a bit of actual gameplay, I’m more pumped than ever to play this. Combat looks very similar to Kingdom Hearts, but there are also many other gameplay elements, such as manning tanks and mechs, as well as over-the-shoulder shooting segments. The trailer is at the top of the post. Expect a higher resolution one from Square-Enix on Thursday.

Other news revolved around SE’s portable games. Agito has been renamed to Type-0, a paid [weak!] demo will be released for the next Dissidia game, and Kingdom Hearts 3D has been renamed to Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance [uhg!].

There’s been a lot of (mostly unfounded) Final Fantasy hate going around the Internet, but I’m definitely pumped about Versus XIII as well as Type-0. Now if we could just get some news on a real Kingdom Hearts sequel…

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