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You Should Probably Watch This Fan-Made Ninja Turtles Short Film.

“April O’Neil reported on a new gang in the streets. Then it got personal. Only those below the streets can help her now.”

This is a 3-minute TMNT fan film entitled Fight The Foot and it’s pretty bad-ass.

One YouTube commenter who is probably 43 years old, living with his parents, and sleeps in TMNT peejays commented:

So the foot clan went from being the most feared, bad ass ninjitsu clan for hundreds of years becoming a global crime syndicate to this…..a bunch of retards running around at night with gas masks and welders goggles? yeah you need to go bck to the drawing board and read a comic or wiki or something about the foot. such an abomination

To which the creator of this fan film responded:

I appreciate your concern for the integrity of the original but my idea was take on the world before Shredder arrives. In my version Shredder would be more of an evil genius that takes over a common street gang and trains them into the organized clan later seen in the films. I’m a huge fan of TMNT but at the same time felt the world needed a different take than was previously established.

“Change is ‘da Debil!” – the Internet

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